Turn wait into great.

Create cool countdowns, share them with friends and engage all in your anticipation.


That’s what it does:

With counto you can create individualized countdowns – let’s call them »countos« – to your upcoming special moments and you can share these countos publicly or as private groups.

Privacy rules

A private counto will only be visible to the people invited. As owner you will be able to invite new people or block attendees.

Note: The private counto invitation contains your profile name and picture, the event description, the event date and the running countdown.

A public counto will be fully visible to anyone on or off counto.

Share and invite options

Countos can be spread and shared publicly or private, on or off counto, by using third party apps like messengers or social networks, or by embedding them.

It’s your choice!

Browse public countos

Within each counto your friends can interact with you and become part of your anticipation by swopping comments around your very favorite upcoming moments.

For example your favorite sports events, your faraway holidays, your sizzling dates, your headbanging concerts, your eagerly awaited graduations, your glittering festivals, your wicked parties, your big family occasions, etc.

Interaction and Comment Board

countos that are liked can be favored and will be added to a special favorite list.

In the counto comment board comments can be modified or fully revoked by the writer.

The counto owner will always have full control over the comment board.

Note: Once a countdown has expired, the counto will automatically be transferd into the counto archive of the owner where it will remain only visible for the owner.

Get started and create your countos